Super Fun Ideas For Reading Practice

Fun Ideas for Reading Practice

There are so many fun ideas for reading practice! This list is organized into three sections – play or create at home, things to make and going out or just going outside. It’s so important to incorporate reading (and math) into your daily life.

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Research has shown that if a child is not reading at their grade level by third grade, they have a very high chance of not being successful in their schooling and they will have a higher probability of not finishing high school.

super fun ideas for reading practice

To make sure that your child is at grade level in their reading or if your child is already at grade-level in their reading skills and you want to maintain their reading level, these suggestions will definitely give a boost to their reading skills/reading level!! These suggestions of a variety of ways to practice reading skills at home are quick, easy, and fun!!

Things to Play or Create at Home

-Reading Time-Read under the covers, sitting in a box, etc.
Create a play and perform it
-Reading Challenge

-Paint Rocks
-Scavenger Hunt-Read the items on the hunt!
-Bathtub Play
-Technology Time
-Check out a new book, learning game, etc.
-Dance Party
-Just Dance for 2 minutes
-Game day/Night
-Inside Camp out-Drape a towel over some chairs and have fun
-Inside Picnic-In the living room or at the park
-Blow Bubbles in or Outside-Count the bubbles!


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Make brownies
Create a fire escape plan-Sketch it and write directions
Make Snow in a Jar
Prepare Slime
Put together a fun Snack
Use Paper for a Bag Mask
Make a magazine collage-Say the words, make sentences, phrases, etc.
Write and make an ebook
Whip up some Mug Meals
Make a garden
Make a Poem/Song/Rap-My name is Jude. I love food.
Create Origami figures

Going Out or Just Outside

Library-Attend a Storytime or find a book
Grocery Store-Read aisle signs, labels, etc.
Go to a Department Stores-Read Signs, labels, etc.
Visit a Museum – Read Signs, labels, etc.
Go out to Lunch-Read the menu
Go to a Movie-Read movie titles
Check out a Tag Sale-Read tags, add the cost of items, etc.
Go on a Bike Ride-Read the road signs, etc.
Go Berry Picking-Measure in cups, quarts, etc.
Visit a Bookstore-Browse and read books!
Go to play Miniature Golf-Keep score!
Go fly a kite-Talk about other geometric shapes












If you like this Google Document, send a comment below with your email address or email me at I will make a copy and send it to you so that you will have your own document that you can add your own ideas to it.

For some more suggestions on how to help your struggling reader at home, check out my other posts on 25 Ideas for Reading Skills Practice at Home! and 10 Quick Reading Skills Practice Ideas!

If a child is interested in a book, they’ll be more motivated to be able to read it. Keep trying different books. Fiction or nonfiction – let them pick the book that they want to read. For more book suggestions and a reading, challenge go to Motivate your Child to Read More – a Reading Challenge! 

Make an easy ebook – if it’s your child’s creation, they might be excited about creating it. As they create it they are saying and writing and typing words! And sentences, etc.

In addition, I have additional posts for kids who don’t like to read, 10 Tips to Improve Your Child’s Reading Comprehension,  Books for Boys Who Hate to Read, Tips to Get Them Reading Today,  Is Your Child A Reluctant Reader and How to Get a Reluctant Reader to Read! 

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As you can see, there are tons of ideas for reading skills practice at home!  As you use these ideas, it is my hope that your child does not even realize that you are trying to help with reading skills, but that you are just having quality time together!!  Enjoy and happy reading (and happy practicing reading skills)! As always, let me know if you have any questions or you’d like advice on a reading topic at or

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