Stop a Baby From Crying

How do you stop a baby from crying? There are many ways to soothe a crying baby. There’s nothing worse than not being able to help your baby. It’s hard to distinguish why a baby is crying so I’ve come up with a list of ways to stop a baby from crying! And in addition, these suggestions, products, and techniques could also pertain to getting your baby to sleep!

These suggestions will stop a baby from crying. When you are trying to stop a baby from crying, you first go through the general list of:

Are they hungry?
Could they be sick?
Are they tired?
Do they have gas?
Could they have a tummy ache?
Do they have a fever?
Are they teething?
Do they need a diaper change?
Is their clothing uncomfortable?
Are they over-stimulated?

The following is my list of suggestions, products, and techniques that will stop a baby from crying. So don’t panic, there is help!


Some of these suggestions are from research and some are from my own experiences. You can create your own list that works and you may use two of these suggestions together. (for example, turn off the lights and rock your baby). Try experimenting with some of these suggestions before your baby is crying to see if the suggestions will calm them or put them to sleep. Also keep in mind that what works one time, may not work again, but keep going back to the list.

  • Lay your baby on their tummy
  • You can try putting your baby on their side
  • Rock a baby in a rocking chair
  • Read or sing to your baby
  • Shush them
  • Turn on the vacuum cleaner
  • Try a sound machine (product below)
  • Walking and bouching them a little
  • Play soothing music (product below)
  • Burp them – try over your shoulder or sit down and put your baby above your knees.
  • Try a Pacifier
  • Put your baby in a swing (product below)
  • Record their crying and play it back or imitate their crying sound
  • Massage your baby with lotion with lavender (listed below)
  • Walk with the baby
  • Turn off the lights
  • Take them for a walk in their stroller
  • Take them for a car ride
  • Swaddler them
  • Sing to them
  • Put them in a seat on top of the dryer (supervised of course)


Of course, years after I had my daughter, I found a ton more ideas of how to stop a baby from crying. There are more suggestions, devices, toys, etc. that may help. And sometimes one suggestion will help one time, and then it doesn’t ever work again. What I suggest is to have a list of the times you are so frazzled you can’t think straight enough to think!


These are high-rated products that can stop a baby from crying. These are affiliate links which means Amazon gives me a small fee, but you don’t pay a penny more for any product.


These are a couple of non-traditional ways to stop a baby from crying. When you run out of ideas to stop a baby from crying – here are some very interesting techniques!


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There are many ways to stop a crying baby. After making sure there is not a serious reason why your baby is crying, these listed suggestions, techniques, and products can save your sanity. Please contact me with any questions or comments below or at!

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