Poetry Can Get Kids Reading Now!

Poetry - for the poet!

Poetry can get kids reading now, kids love poetry, especially funny poetry!  Most poetry books have a small amount of text on a page, the poems may rhyme, and some poetry is funny which are all reasons that kids love it, especially reluctant readers!

Sometimes I will read a silly poem and the kids are sold on it!  Just like adults, kids have their own taste of books and genres. They need to explore different genres to find out which one they like the best. After they love one genre,  they will usually want to venture out and try other genres.

 Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein,:  Shel Silverstein wrote multiple hilarious poetry books.  In this poetry book there's a boy who turns into a TV set, and a girl who eats a whale, sisters are auctioned off, and crocodiles that go to the dentist.

Monster Poems for Monstrous Kids by Melinda Kinsman: Each page is simply and brightly illustrated. With just one verse per page, the book is clear to read, so it's great for beginner readers. These silly monsters are not too scary, making the book also suitable for reading out to younger children.

A Light in the Attic by Shel Silverstein: This poetry book is an imaginative book of poems and drawings—a favorite of Shel Silverstein fans young and old. This special edition contains 12 never-before-published poems.  It is filled with remarkable characters and hilariously profound poems in a collection readers will return to again and again.

The Random House Book of Poetry for Children  by Jack Prelutsky offers both funny and illuminating poems for kids personally selected by the nation's first Children's Poet Laureate, Jack Prelutsky. Featuring a wealth of beloved classic poems from the past and modern glittering gems, every child who opens this treasury will finda world of surprises and delights which will instill a lifelong love of poetry. Featuring 572 unforgettable poems, and over 400 one-of-a-kind illustrations from the Caldecott-winning illustrator of the Frog and Toad series, Arnold Lobel, this collection is, quite simply, the perfect way to introduce children to the world of poetry.

It's Raining Pigs and Noodles by Jack Prelutsky The master of mischievous rhyme, Jack Prelutsky, and his partner in crime, James Stevenson, have whipped up a storm of more than one hundred hilarious poems and zany drawings. Grab your umbrella—and make sure it's a big one!

Pizza the Size of the Sun by Jack Prelusky: This is a wondrously tasty—and always funny—collection of more than 100 poems for readers of every age. Meet Miss Misinformation and Gladiola Gloppe (and her Soup Shoppe), and delight in a backward poem, a poem that never ends,and scores of other poems to read and love. 

If I were in Charge of the World by Judith Viorst: If you've ever had trouble apologizing or keeping a secret, had a crush or a broken heart, there's a poem here for you! Written with humor and understanding, Judith Viorst's poems are certain to delight children and adults alike -- and be read again and again.

Revolting Rhymes by Roald Dahl: Did you think Cinderella married the prince and lived happily ever after, or that the three little pigs outsmarted the wolf? Think again! Master storyteller Roald Dahl adds his own darkly comic twists to six favorite tales, complete with rambunctious rhymes and hilarious surprise endings.

Read-Aloud Rhymes for the Very Young by Jack Prelutsky:  This poetry book has more than 200 little poems to feed little people with little attention spans to help both grow. Marc Brown’s inviting illustrations add a visual dimension to the poems, which further engage young imaginations. The poems are by 119 of the best-known poets of the 20th century.

Hailstones And Halibut Bones by Mary O'Neill: This colorful poetry book features lavish full-color illustrations and well-written poems.  Mary O’Neill’s renowned work of poetry about the colors of the spectrum, has become a modern children’s classic.

Poetry can get your child to read now - kids love poetry!  Poetry just might be the genre that gets your child exciting about reading. It's usually short, it rhymes, and because there's less text on the page, it's not as overwhelming on a child's eyes.

If a child doesn't like one genre, then I suggest you keep introducing him/her to different genres, click here for more genre suggestions and a reading competition.  What works for one child may not work for another one, and sometimes when you try a product or technique and it doesn't work, the timing could have been off - try it again! Check out my suggested books in the genre pages below!


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