Magazines Can Get Kids Reading!

Magazines - for the child who likes to read snippets of information!

Magazines can get kids reading and are a great pick for the child who likes to read snippets of information about topics that they really love. The boys usually prefer sports or animal magazines and the girls usually like girl magazines, animals, and the other various magazine topics. Girls and boys need to explore different genres to find out which one they like the best. After they love one genre they will usually want to venture out and try other ones.


















Ranger Rick Jr.




Ranger Rick

Sports Illustrated


American Girl

Jack and Jill

Nature Friend


Humpty Dumpty

Magazines are a great pick to get kids reading! If your child still doesn't have the reading bug, there is a book or magazine out there that will turn the key to the love of reading.  Everyone gets the reading bug at different times! If your child hesitates to read a lot of text, magazines are great because there is not a ton of text and there are usually tons of pictures. For more genre ideas and a fun reading challenge, click here.

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