Kindergarten Readiness Ideas From an Expert!

Check out these kindergarten readiness ideas from an expert, Kathy Sikand,  who has taught kindergarten for 26 years! You will love these great ideas to help you get your child ready for kindergarten!                               

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If your child is entering kindergarten in a few weeks or next year, there’s so much you can do to get the ball rolling for kindergarten readiness. I’ve shared some of the categories of readiness below that are needed for a child to be successful.

Every child grows developmentally in several areas, some of the developmental areas for children are

cognitive development (letter, words, etc.)

language development (understanding questions, vocabulary)

social/emotional development (getting along with others, sharing, etc.)

physical development (using scissors, buttoning, etc.) – these are suggestions for some of the developmental areas

Below is the expert advise from Kathy Sikand, who has been a kindergarten teacher for 26 years!  I’ve asked her what she would like to tell parents about kindergarten and what help can she give to parents to ease the transition to kindergarten easier on their child.

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Kindergarten Readiness Ideas from an Expert!

The anticipation of starting kindergarten is a very exciting and happy time for children and their families.  However, it can also provoke feelings of anxiety about being ready for this important milestone. Many children will cry when their parents leave them on the first day or even the first week.

Kindergarten teachers are accustomed to this and will assure parents that the crying will subside in a few minutes ( it does) but this does not make it any easier for the parents or the child.  There are several ways to help with this situation.

Families can visit the public library and participate in group story times where the child is expected to sit and listen to a story from beginning to end and complete an art and craft activity related to the story.

Books to Prepare a Child for Kindergarten

There are several books that can be read at bedtime to prepare the child for school. The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn is a wonderful story that describes a young raccoon’s nervousness about starting school.

Another story that addresses anxiety about starting school is Wemberley Worried by Kevin Henkes.  It is a delightful story that young children can relate to as it shows the main character preparing for school.






In addition to reading stories and visiting the library, it is also important that children are able to use the restroom independently and are able to snap, button and zip their clothes. These are great skills to practice because children are often very nervous when it comes to using the restroom without their parents present.  This will also help with the dismissal process if the child is able to zip or button their own coat.

Children need to be exposed to sharing and taking turns.  There are several board games that can help with these crucial social skills.  Candy Land, Chutes, and Ladders, Memory, and Bingo are all age-appropriate games.

Daily Boutique Deals

 Additionally, it is beneficial if children can write their first name, know how to handle child-sized scissors and can identify some letters and numbers.  

Magnetic letters and numbers are available at the dollar store and serve as a great game on a cookie sheet or refrigerator. Children can match capital to lowercase letters, spell their name, or practice counting and placing the numbers in the correct order.  

They can practice writing their name with sidewalk chalk, shaving cream on a table or with playdough and a toothpick. Children can help cut coupons or look in magazines to cut the letters to spell their name. These are all fun and engaging activities that can help alleviate stress and help prepare children for the exciting experience of kindergarten.

                                                            Kathy Sikand, kindergarten teacher


More Kindergarten Readiness Ideas!

Kathy’s post is full of ideas and suggestions on how to help your child get ready for kindergarten. Below are just a few fun ideas from my 50 One-Minute Ways to Prepare your Child for Kindergarten and there are tons more! Check out some of my other previous posts on getting kids ready for kindergarten for even more ideas!

Draw large letters (or words) on the sidewalk or in the driveway with Chalk markers.
Make a collage from old magazines – words that start with G, all pictures that are yellow, etc.
Read a story and have your child tell you the sequence of events.
Ask questions that start with who, what, where, when, and why.
Practice writing your child’s name.
Practice writing the letters of the alphabet.
Teach your child to perform 2 or 3 requests in a row (ex.get your book and go to the kitchen table).
Model walking behind someone and see if your child can follow that direction.
Show your child how to line up and have your child practice lining up and following behind you.
Show your child how to sit with their legs crossed – ¨criss-cross applesauce.¨


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