How to Make an Easy Ebook!

It’s easy to learn how to make an easy ebook.  Celebrate Reading by creating your very own ebook. There are so many ways to celebrate reading, but creating your own easy ebook can get the family together to create, write, edit, and type up an ebook in no time at all!!

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There are a few free tools to create an ebook, but the one I made was using Google Slides. Just as long as you have a Gmail account, you can access your Google Slides by finding those little dots (waffles).

There are tons of topics for creating your family ebook – you can create an ebook with a few pages or a ton of pages – it’s your creation.

Some Ideas for Thinking and Writing Topics

  • An ABC ebook on a specific topic, types of animals, favorite foods, etc.
  • Your favorite family recipes, memories, vacations, pictures, etc.
  • A topic you just learned about (an upcoming hurricane, a state, a song, etc.)
  • How to do something – how to make cupcakes, how to make candles, how to make soap, etc.
  • Give information on a topic you learned about (see my ebook of cats) science & math topics, etc.
  • Write about a special time, a special place, a special day, a special event, a special person, etc.
  • My dream house, my dream bedroom, my dream pizza, my dream party,  my dream wardrobe, etc.
  • Things/People/places you love, vacations, your pet, new clothes, aunts, uncles, etc.
  • A made-up fictional story that your child has written or created, a story that you created together, a spin-off of a published book that your child loves, a change to an ending of a book that your child loves, etc.
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Once you get started you’ll realize that it’s easy to learn how to make an easy ebook! Making an easy ebook together can be a great family activity and it’s a great celebration for reading and writing! You may learn things about your child that you never knew and you’ll have the memory of your creation forever!

My ebook about my love of cats!!!

Making an Ebook is Sooo Easy!

The ebooks are saved in a PDF format and it will be automatically saved to your Google Slides and your Google Drive.

You can open an extra tab on your desktop, laptop, etc. so that you have one tab for Google Slides and the other tab of the Youtube video below.

You can watch the video and go back and forth between the Google Slides tab and the video on how to make your ebook.

When you’re done with your last Google Slide, you’ll follow the step by step directions below. It’s SOOO Easy!

Here’s the Youtube video that I used to create my ebook:



-Go to Google Slides from your Gmail account



-Click on Google Slides



-Click on “New Presentation”

-Name your ebook on the top left

-Pick your template or just use a blank slide

-Go to File, Page Setup,  Custom and type in “8.5 x 11”

-Start with your Title Slide and type in the title of your ebook

-Click on the + sign to add more slides (or control “m”)

Inserting Pictures

-Insert, image, select upload from computer, search the web, etc. 

-Select the picture, and select, open.


When you are Done with Your Ebook

-Go to File, Download as, PDF Document

-It will be automatically saved as a PDF and it will be sent to your Google Drive

To use your ebook you simply click into Google Drive and look for the downloaded PDF ebook.

Email me with any

Here are Some Other Ideas for Reading and Family Fun!

As always, please let me know if you have any questions!! I hope you’ll try making an ebook as it’s a fun family time and it enforces reading and writing!! It’s awesome all the way around!!! If you have any questions or requests (on the ebook or any other topic), you can email me at


  1. Hey there,

    Thanks for sharing with us this super easy guide on how to create our own eBook quickly. I’ve always been a fan of Google Docs for its easy to use and online format but I didn’t know you could make an eBook with them! And it doesn’t take too long as well. 🙂 I’ll be sure to bookmark your site to come around later when I need to.


    1. I’m glad you enjoyed my post on how to make an easy ebook. When I realized how easy it was to make an ebook on Google Slides, I knew I wanted to share it!

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