How to Help a Child with ADHD

There are many ways to help a child with ADHD. Parents with a child with ADHD, usually suspect something is not quite right with their child by age 4. And the same goes for ADD which is a type of ADHD (without the hyperactivity).

The child with ADHD  has a motor that runs and runs, the child is impulsive, acts without thinking, lacks focus, misses some social cues, etc. The child with ADD has all of the above symptoms except they don’t have the hyperactivity component.


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I am going to share with you the many suggestions and tips that I have learned along the road. Through kids at school, family, and friends, I have witnessed a child that has ADHD.

In a classroom, I can usually pick out the child who has ADHD. It’s a little harder to pick out ADD as those kids are many times quiet, but are spacing out and not able to pay attention.

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And many of the kids with ADHD do not like to read! So in this post, I will focus on general strategies which will also include getting your child to read.

These are my Suggestions on How to Help a Child With ADHD

Following Directions

  • Directions need to be broken down.  A child with ADHD is often overwhelmed with too many directions at the same time.
  • If possible, write down directions.
  • It would be helpful to write a list of items that need to be completed in order.
  • A checklist is perfect for daily accomplishments.

Organizing for School

  • Have a routine with the backpack and organizing daily.
  • Give rewards for following your routine.
  • Use folders that have a clear front cover so you can see what paper is in the front.
  • Make up a color system for folders (red-math, green-reading, etc.).
  • Create a system for leaving for school in the morning, returning from school, and also a system for preparing for the next day.

Post-it notes




Post-it Notes are great for comprehension skills to help kids with ADHD (and all kids and adults, actually)  Kids can write down notes as they read, stick the quick notes in specific pages, write down character names to get them straight, they can write down predictions, etc. I also have a store on Zazzle where I create these Post-it Notes.
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After School

  • Find a spot where there are no distractions. Some children prefer complete silence, and others prefer music. Whatever works!
  • Have a bucket or bin of needed items – highlighter, scissors, pens, stapler, paper clips, ruler, and pencils, etc. all together so there is no wandering around looking for those items.
  • You may need a timer if you decide on that. Put the timer on when your child starts so that they know there will be a break coming soon.
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Many times kids with ADHD do not like to read. I have a ton of posts about reluctant readers that will be helpful. In general, kids with ADHD usually like books they can finish quickly, big print, pictures, etc.

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Because a child with ADHD is compulsive, many times they will get into trouble. They sometimes do or say something that they have not thought through – sometimes a point sheet at school helps.

  • I have used the phrase “I’ll give you a few minutes to think about what you need to do, I hope you make the right choice” and “Do you need time to calm down before we continue …?”
  • A contract is a good idea for any child. You can create a list of things that need to get done and a list of things your child wants in return. It’s a good idea to create your list together.
  • If you want me to email this to you, comment below with your email address or email me at You can change things around to fit your needs. To use this, you’d sit down with your child and explain that you need certain things to be completed and in return, they’d get one or two rewards.


Treatments and Suggestions to Help the Characteristics of ADHD

Treatments for ADHD

There are many treatments for ADHD. There are strategies, natural treatment, and drugs available. Also, check out my Pinterest board on all types of help for kids with ADHD. 

This website has many natural remedies to help a child with ADHD. There are more suggestions below.

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This is an awesome website to use for drugs and treatment reviews. I knew Ritalin was a drug that was used, but my research showed me that there’s a ton of meds now!. Everyone has their own opinion about drugs for ADHD, you will form your own. And for more medical information about ADHD check out this website.


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Most parents try different strategies such as diet, checklists, adding more exercise, etc. And when nothing is working, usually drugs are prescribed by your doctor.

I can usually pick out a child in a classroom who has ADHD pretty quickly, They seem to be truly unable to sit still, concentrate, focus, etc. It’s almost like their whole body is shaking and they can’t control it. It’s awful for the child and for others around the child – parents, siblings, teachers, classmates, etc. And I’ve seen the same child on medicine, and I would never have known they had ADHD.

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There is quite a bit of truth that diet has an effect on ADHD. This website has some very interesting information about diets for ADHD.  Also, check out my Pinterest board on diet suggestions.


There are a variety of ways you can help your child with ADHD/ADD. Some of the suggestions can be done at home and school, and others are more for home. Kids with ADHD sometimes just need to take a walk or exercise. Gum is also suggested for focus, but most schools do not allow it.


Weighted blankets are scientifically shown to help kids with anxiety and focus issues (ADHD). Also, weighted blankets are shown to improve mood while increasing attention and focus. I’ve seen this used by children at school and they seem to help.

Sensory Weighted Lap Pad for Kids – 5-pounds – Great Lap Weighted Blanket for Children with Autism, ADHD, and Sensory Processing Disorder

  • Helps your child remain calm in class
  • Can be used in the car
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Kids love these and they become mesmerized and totally focused on watching them!

Big Mo’s Toys Liquid Motion Bubble Timer/Rectangular Sensory Relaxation Water Toy

  • Big Mo’s Toys Fidget Motion Timer is ideal for keeping challenging kids entertained.
  • Includes one bubble timer of the assorted colors.
  • Great desktop toy for all ages ranging from children to adults.
  • Helps children with sensory and hyperactivity issues calm down and stay focused.
  • Big Mo’s Toys items are made of High-Quality materials that are Non-Toxic and Tested to ensure your child’s Safety.


I’ve seen these at school, and they seem to help:

Wiggle Seat for Kids:: Inflatable Wobble Cushion/Wiggle Cushion- Perfect for Classroom & Home

  • Helps curb the wiggles.
  • Inflates easily – hand-held pump included 
  • 30-Day Guarantee

I have seen different types of balls used in classrooms, actually, I have seen classrooms in which all of the kids use these as chairs. Most kids can use this in a classroom without incident, but some get silly. This may be a good product for home.

Fuzzbudds Bouncy Balls: Machine Washable Fuzzy Cover and Pump

  •  Fuzzbudds make great chairs for kids of all ages
  • It helps kids to focus because the bouncy ball engages their mind and this great design increases their focus
  • Burst resistant, up to 220lbs for Mini (35cm) & Small (45cm), 250lbs for Medium (55cm), 440lbs for Large (65cm)
  • 30-day return policy


I’ve seen these used and they seem to help some students, but some get silly with them:

Sensory Stretch Bounce Ball, Stress Squishy Therapy Ball, Therapeutic Stress Reliever Ball


  • Good for kids with ADD, ADHD, OCD, autism, stress and anxiety relief, Special Needs, Autism, Disorders & More
  • Also great for playing, relieving, relaxing, releasing, soothing, calming, etc.


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Essential Oils

Essential oils can be used for a variety of conditions and reasons, so there are many websites that have information about the names of the oils good for focus, concentration, etc. This website is just one of the many websites that suggest essential oils for ADHD.

Brain Breaks, Mindfulness, ADHD Life Coaches, etc.

Brain Breaks are a hit at school these days. They provide a little exercise in between classroom learning. There are tons of free Brain Break videos on Youtube and all over. If you type in “brain break” you will find a lot. This is just one example of a Brain Break video.

Because these children are often filled with self-doubt, it’s important to work on their body and mind. Yoga and Mindfulness (paying attention with intention) are two good way to do that. Aso, I have seen music suggested for these children.

There are also ADHD life coaches, I found a website that will provide you with a free 20-minute consultation. The website is or the phone number is 952-913-7805.

More than ever there are tons of resources and support available to parents of a child with ADHD. What else do you need help with when it comes to a child’s ADHD? Please leave a comment or question below or email me at I’d love to help!


    1. I am not an expert on Ritalin, but as a teacher, I could always tell when a child was off their ADHD medication. With medication, they were more focused and calm, without it, they would fidget and impulsive.

  1. I like that you touched on how you can easily create lists to help the person with ADHD stay on track. My cousin has a child with ADHD and they are learning new techniques to be successful. They want to find a professional in the area that can help out and offer great advice.

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