Fun Car Games that Also Promote Learning and Thinking

Fun car games are an awesome way to promote learning and thinking skills while having fun together as a family! I used to have to be very creative when it came to using every minute count so I used to either try to think ahead of time (I’m awful at thinking on my feet) what questions to ask, what topics that needed to be discussed,  or to come up with fun car games!

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These fun car games can be used in a variety of ways. They can be completely changed, simply modified or you may just get an idea and just make up your own car game! And of course, most of these games can also be done at home!


  1. ABCs of just about anything – (fruits and vegetables, names, cereal brands, types of ice cream, etc.). Go back and forth between each person playing in the car saying a word that follows the alphabet on the chosen ABC topic. You can take turns or do it as a competition. This game helps with concentration, focus, memory, problem-solving, etc.

     Some Examples of ABCs of Just About Anything

    Fruits and Vegetables
    Apple (first person in the car)
    Banana (next person in the car)
    Carrot (next person in the car)
    Dates (next person in the car)
    Eggplant (next person in the car)

    Names (or you could just say play with girls)
    Ann (first person in the car)
    Barb (next person in the car)
    Carl  (next person in the car)
    Dan  (next person in the car)

2. Beat the Road Signs – As soon as anyone in the car sees a road sign, they read the sign trying to be the first one in the car to read/say it! You can keep score if you’d like. This game helps with reading, focus, concentration, etc.


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3. Categories – Say a word and have each player in the car give you 2 words that would make sense under the category that is given. This game helps with concentration, focus, memory, problem-solving, etc.

      Some Examples of the Categories Game



mint chocolate chip

4. Last letter Game – First, come up with a topic. You can start by saying a word for the topic and then players in the car come up with a word in that same category that starts with the last letter of the word you gave. This game helps with vocabulary, concentration, focus, memory, problem-solving.


       An Example of the Last Letter Game

You tell the players in the car that you’re playing the last letter game and the topic is ANIMALS.
You give your animal – GIRAFFE.
The next players say ELEPHANT (the last letter in giraffe),
The next player says TIGER  (the last letter in elephant)

         Some Other Tidbits to Think About

Play the Game or Judge
It’s up to you if you want to be a part of the game or if you want to be just the judge.

Give an Incentive
If you want to use an incentive, you can give a point for each correct answer. You can keep score, add up the points and give incentives for whoever has the most points. The incentive could be anything such as staying up 15 minutes past bedtime, or if the whole car gets a total of a certain amount, you stop for ice cream, etc.

Ways to Decide Who Goes First
Who was born first, who was born second, etc?
Who has blue and red on today, who has a button-up shirt on today, etc?
Popsicle sticks or something else with each child’s name printed on them.

    These are Some Ideas for Quiet Activities

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