Free Ebooks for Kids and Directions

This post contains free ebooks for kids plus the directions to make your own REALLY EASY EBOOK! It’s easy to learn how to make an ebook.

This is a great example of an ebook that is centered on my granddog, Layla! First I had to upload the pictures and create a little story. Then I created my story around the pictures that I had. I worked on it on and off for a week or so.

Creating an ebook can be a great family activity to recreate a fun vacation or event together. There’s also a ton of other ebooks that you can create on fictional stories, family pets, etc. There’s a list below of just some of the ebooks you can create!

It’s also a great learning activity for a small child – as you are typing you can focus on the letters, letter sounds, sight words, vocabulary, etc. You can create a really easy ebook similar to the 2nd ebook on this post that has one short sentence on each slide, or an ebook with more than one sentence. It’s your creation!

free ebooks for kids






















Creating an ebook is a great project for all through the year! You can create it, and when it’s downloaded, it’s yours forever. You can also print it – you can even print it and use it in place of a card to celebrate birthdays, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Anniversaries, etc.

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I’ve included step by step directions plus a Youtube link that explains the easy process.



free ebooks for kids













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EPIC Ebooks

Epic Ebooks are wonderful ebooks for kids age 4 to age 12! I LOVE these ebooks and use them at school. There are fiction and nonfiction books that the kids love and you can keep track of what books the kid have read!!


Huge selection of read-to-me and audiobooks.
Read 30 days for free! Awesome books your child will love!

Some Ideas for Thinking and Writing Topics

  • An ABC ebook on a specific topic, types of animals, favorite foods, etc.
  • A favorite family recipe, memory, vacation, picture, etc.
  • A topic you just learned about (an upcoming hurricane, a state, a song, etc.)
  • How to do something – how to make cupcakes, how to make candles, how to make soap, etc.
  • Write about a special time, a special place, a special day, a special event, a special person, etc.
  • A dream house, dream bedroom,  dream pizza, dream party, dream wardrobe, etc.
  • Things/People/places you love, a pet, new clothes, aunts, uncles, etc.
  • A made-up fictional story, scary, funny, etc.

This is the Youtube Video I used to make my free ebooks for kids, but you can also look at my step-by-step directions below.









Google Slides

-Go to Google Slides from your Gmail account



-Click on Google Slides



-Click on “New Presentation”

-Name your ebook on the top left

-Pick your template or just use a blank slide

-Go to File, Page Setup,  Custom and type in “8.5 x 11”

-Start with your Title Slide and type in the title of your ebook

-Click on the + sign to add more slides (or control “m”)

Inserting Pictures

-Insert, image, select upload from computer, search the web, etc. *

-Select the picture, and select, open.

When you are Done with Your Ebook

-Go to File, Download as, PDF Document

-It will be automatically saved as a PDF and it will be sent to your Google Drive

-To use your ebook you simply click into Google Drive and look for the downloaded PDF ebook.

-Email me with any

*if you’re like me and have your pictures on your iPhone, get the Google Drive app from the App Store. Then go into your pictures, click on your picture, click on the icon with square and arrow up, and select the Google Drive icon! That’s it!!!

Email me at if you’d like the document of the above step by step directions
free ebooks for kids










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As always, please let me know if you have any questions!! I hope you’ll try making an ebook as it’s a fun family time and it enforces reading and writing!! It’s awesome all the way around!!! If you have any questions or requests (on the ebook or any other topic), you can email me at

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