Educational Gifts that Promote Learning

These educational gifts are some of my picks to help your child read and learn. I've selected a variety of reading and educational items to promote reading, reading skills, language skills, problem-solving skills, coding skills, etc. that your child will love!



















You'll try just about anything to ensure that your child likes reading and is successful in school!  Some kids find the love of learning right away, and others take their own time.

So for a gift, why not promote reading and education by purchasing an educational gift? I've put together a list of reading and educational items from all prices that are sure to excite your child while these gifts encourage reading, reading skills, language skills, problem-solving skills, coding skills, etc.


$39.82-Leapfrog 3D-ages 4-8

$56.75-Reading Tent-ages 4 -12

$145.79-Dash Robot-ages 8 and up (needs IOS or Android free app)

$14.99-Monopoly Jr.-ages 5 and up

$13.98-for both Holes Book and Movie-ages 8-12

$15.99-Light for Bedtime Reading, Travel, etc.-ages 4 and up

$25 Stare! ages 8-12-award winner

$10.99-Your Diary Sparkly Lock and Key-8 and up

$27.99-ROCK ON! Geology Game with Rock & Mineral Collection-5 and up

$179-Cozmo robot-ages 8 and up-(needs IOS or Android free app)

$99.00-Kano Computer Kit – Make A Computer. Learn To Code. Play-ages 6-14

$34.95-Read With Me Scout-ages 2 and up

$349.94-Lego Mindstorms-building and coding-ages 10-12

$159.95-Lego Boost-ages 7-12 needs tablet

$14.95-A book of reading games-ages 6-12

$10.99-Reading Lamp-for night reading, reading in a tent, wherever! Ages 7-12

$29.99-Mark My Time Bookmark - a reading timer! ages 6-12

$39.98-I-Map Interactive Map-won multiple awards-ages 5 and up

$10.68- Pictionary-ages 8 and up

$119.99-Magna-Tiles 100-Piece Clear Colors Set-ages 3 and up-award winner

$14.75-Miss Bernard is a Wild Card!-ages 6 and up

$89.99-Fire HD 8 Tablet-ages 4 and up

$6.99-Kanoodle-Twisting Game-8-12

$15.99 LEGO Minecraft - The Zombie Cave Building Kit-ages 7-14

$20.99 Bloxels-Build your own Video Game-ages 8-13

$12.90 Bananagrams - voacabulary builder game-ages 7 and up

$52.99-Blunders board game-ages 5-12 (won "Game of the Year" award)

$49.95-I Survived book set of 11

$10.99-Dude Diary-8 and up

$79.95-Harry Potter complete set of 7-ages 8 and up

$49.99-Captain Underpants 12 Books Set Collection-ages 5-12

$34.93-The Reading Game-ages 4-8

$29.97-Bear Pillow-comfy for reading!-ages 4-10

$11.49 -Smarty Pants reading game -comes in Pre-K to 4th grade levels

$25 Wordplay for Kids - word challenge game-ages 8 and up

$14.36 Magic Tree House set 1-4-ages 7-10

$22.47 Dogman set 1-4-ages 7 and up

$8.99 Diary of a Wimpy Kid Mad Libs-ages 7-12

$46.99-Kids Nest Swing Chair to hang from a tree or beam (for reading a great book!)-ages 8-12

$19.99- Zingo award winning game-ages 4 and up

$11.99-Apples to Apples-ages 8 and up

$10.89-Charades for Kids-ages 4 and up