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Activities to Help Your Child Get Ready for Reading

There is an abundance of easy activities to help your child get ready for reading. I feel panicked when I realize that some parents are not aware of the preparation necessary to get their child ready for reading and kindergarten in general!!  I myself did not realize what was necessary for kindergarten preparation, and now it’s even… Read More »

Memory Techniques to Help Your Child Remember Information

There are tons of ways to help your child remember information! Think of how many things in our lives starting from when we were in elementary school to this very moment that we have to remember! TOO MANY THINGS, right? It seems that every day there are multiple things to remember! In addition, if you’re… Read More »

Books for Boys Who Hate to Read and Tips to Get Them Reading Today!

There are many books for boys who hate to read, but finding the right one takes time. It is a known fact that boys reading scores lag behind girls reading scores. Because boys reading scores are lower it’s important to get them reading something, anything!! There are some of my boys at school that love… Read More »

How to Help Your Struggling Reader at Home

Easy Ways to Help Your Struggling Reader at Home There are tons of ways to help your struggling reader at home. A struggling reader is a type of reluctant reader that is reluctant to read because they don’t read well. Many struggling readers avoid reading as they are frustrated by it and they are embarrassed… Read More »

How to get a Reluctant Reader to Read!

How to Help Your Reluctant Reader! Every child is different, and there will no doubt be some that are a born reluctant reader. It is frustrating when you have to struggle with your child to do anything, but if you love to read and your child does not, it can be completely frustrating.      … Read More »

Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten

Some General Suggestions on How You Can Prepare Your Child For Kindergarten When children enter kindergarten,  they not only need to be ready to read, they need to be ready in a variety of ways for them to be successful. Preparing your child is easy, this is a list of some of the ways you… Read More »