Best ADHD Gifts

Best ADHD GIfts

We are constantly looking for the best ADHD gifts for kids for a holiday, a birthday, a religious event, etc. These gifts are the best ADHD gifts and are for children from about age 7 - 11 who exhibit a large range of ADHD symptoms.



The symptoms of ADHD vary from child to child. Some children get over-stimulated, some can't sit still, some can't focus, some talk excessively, the list goes on. And the same child can have two opposite symptoms depending on the situation.

There are also gift ideas from my Zazzle store. I can also create other designs on the Zazzle store products, so just let me know exactly what you'd like on the product and I'll try my best to create what you're looking for.

Best ADHD Gifts

I also am an affiliate for Amazon, so I get a small commission, but I swear you don't pay a penny more than the Amazon price.

Please share any other products that you have found that are successful with your ADHD child.

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And if there is any advice you'd like concerning your child with ADHD (how to get them to sit for homework time, tips for helping your child focus, suggestions for meltdowns, etc.), please email me or send a message below (

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Gifts for Kids with ADHD


Weighted Blanket for focus, Calming, Sleep, etc.

Spin Master Perplexus

Sensory Sand

Chutes and Ladders

Bookmarks for Focus

Timer - to time the next homework break, screen time, etc.

Cards Against for Humanity

Apron for a Child Who Enjoys Cooking & Baking

Personalized Reading PIillow

Wobble Chair

Reading Glasses for Fun


Fidget Toy

Livescribe 2GB Echo Smartpen

Yoga for focus

Keychair with Favorite Pet, People, Reminders, A calm-down phrase, etc.

A Visual "To Do" Chart

Tent for calming, reading, etc.


Big Mo's Liquid Motion Bubble

Fidget Toy

Hoot Owl Hoot

Yoga Mat for calming, exercising, etc.

Rainbow Puzzle Ball

Stretchy Balls

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I hope that these ideas for the best gifts for ADHD will be helpful. Every ADHD child is different, but you're sure to find some items that your child will love.

You'll at least be able to get some other ideas connected to these great products.

If you have any products that you think should be added to this list or if you have any questions related to ADHD, please leave a message below or email me at

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