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Easy Reading Comprehension Strategies That Work

There are many easy reading comprehension strategies, the key is to find the one that works for your child! Reading Comprehension comes quickly to some children, and not so much to others. It is the understanding of what is being read, not just the reading and sounding out of words. Some children struggle with both… Read More »

Back to School Goals for Kids

Create back to school goals for kids. Make this school year run smoother than the last one! What was it that drove you CRAZY the last school year? How could you make life easier? Why not start the new year off right and create some simple goals each month? I love the idea of monthly… Read More »

Are You Getting Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?

I can guarantee you that you are already getting your child ready for kindergarten.  I will list 8 ways you are teaching your child how to be successful in kindergarten and then I will add some additional tips for getting your child even more prepared for kindergarten!                … Read More »

Activities to Help Your Child Get Ready for Reading

There is an abundance of easy activities to help your child get ready for reading. I feel panicked when I realize that some parents are not aware of the preparation necessary to get their child ready for reading and kindergarten in general!!  I myself did not realize what was necessary for kindergarten preparation, and now it’s even… Read More »