Activities to Help Your Child Get Ready for Reading

There is an abundance of easy activities to help your child get ready for reading. I feel panicked when I realize that some parents are not aware of the preparation necessary to get their child ready for reading and kindergarten in general!!  I myself did not realize what was necessary for kindergarten preparation, and now it’s even more intense!

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I saw an article recently about letting kids play until kindergarten. The article stated that you should let kindergarten prepare them for their school career and that REALLY frustrated me.  You need to help your child get ready for reading and help them get ready for kindergarten! It’s so easy, but NEEDED!

Daily Boutique Deals

Is play important? YES, play is important. Play helps develop a child’s imagination, dexterity, social skills and play assists in growing their physical and cognitive growth.  You don’t want your child to struggle in kindergarten and some of these activities along with what you’re already doing with them will help prepare them for kindergarten.

I’m not saying that there should be a sign at the hospital that says “get your child ready for kindergarten” but around 3 years old there are simple activities that will make the school transition so much easier.

"Best Little Cook" apron
“Best Little Cook” apron

This is an example of one activity with some important parts of getting kids to read. Below this example is a document of different activities.


 Making Cupcakes-Oral Language
Say the words in the recipe
And discuss the process of making cupcakes.
Ask your child to repeat their favorite ingredients.
Making Cupcakes-Letter Recognition/Identification
Say the letters in the recipe.
Ask your child to say the letters and trace/write it on the recipe book.
Making Cupcakes-Letter/Sound Correspondence
Say the sound of various letters of the recipe.
Ask your child to tell you the beginning sounds of some of the recipe items.
Making Cupcakes-Sight Words
Say sight words in the recipe.
Ask your child to tell you some of the sight words in the recipe.
Making Cupcakes-Vocabulary
Say the ingredients. 
Ask your child to read a few recipe items and new vocabulary they learned.
At the Grocery Store-Comprehension
Read the book Cooking with the Cat and ask who, what where, why, how questions and
discuss the sequence of events of making the recipe.
Read on Epic! Anywhere. Anytime. On any device.
Read 30 days Free! Your child will LOVE these awesome books and videos!


Of course, there are tons of other activities that you can do connected to these 4 activities. I tried to make it easy so you could memorize the parts of the reading components.
If you just connect the “say” and “ask” it will make it easy to connect these reading components to a ton of other activities you do with your child.
If you’d like the document below of activities to help your child get ready for reading, leave your email address below in the comment section or email me at
get ready for reading`

Connect More Activities

These are some of the additional ways connected to the activity above, to help your child get ready for kindergarten!

And an adorable way to remind you and your child that they’re getting ready for kindergarten!

Also, you can use a variety of tools whether it be an iPad, board games, crayons, pencils, bocks magnets, etc. to build on these skills.
I linked to Amazon below. I am affiliate which means I get a tiny percent from Amazon, you do not pay a penny more for any product.

More Resources

Reading Rockets – this website has a ton of information about teaching kids to get ready for kindergarten.

IPAD APPS – these apps are for reading, math, etc.


My Pinterest “Getting Kids To Read” Board for many more IDEAS!

My Pinterest “Getting Ready for Kindergarten” Board for many more IDEAS!

There are a lot more ideas to help your child to get ready for reading!  Please let me know if there is any other information or resources that you need. Please leave a comment or question below or email me at (also, contact me if you want the activities document).  I’d love to hear from you!

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