Motivate your Child to Read More – a Reading Challenge!

A Fun Way to Motivate your Child to Read More!


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A child needs choice in their reading selection and a choice of when or where to read. We're always looking for ideas to get a child to read more and with all the distractions of video games, the internet, and phones, your child loses sight of the fact that reading is essential!!!   I created this challenge to motivate your child to read more (for even the most reluctant reader) and it is my hope that it works! You can create incentives to go along with this list, make it a competition,  etc. This challenge has two columns - What to Read and Who/What to Read to and a Reading place.

A Reading Challenge to get your Child to Read More!

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However you decide to use this challenge, it can help to motivate your child to read more as they accomplish the items on the list. After you have completed this challenge or however you decide to use it, you can use these ideas to motivate your child to read more over and over again.


These are my book suggestions for these genres from my website pages:                                                                                                                                                               






Graphic Novels

Joke Books






Realistic Fiction



Short Stories



Here are some of my ideas for this challenge - you probably have your own:

  • How many of the "Read to/ Reading Place" items can you complete in a weekend?
  • How many of the "Read to/Reading Place" items can you complete in a week?
  • How many of the "Read to/Reading Place" items can you complete by your birthday?
  • How many "What to Read" items do you want to complete by Saturday?
  • How many "What to Read" items have you already completed this year and how many can you complete by the end of this current month?
  • How many more items can you complete compared to_________?

And then you can really spice it up with a few incentives after a goal has been met:

For another idea to get your child practicing reading and math skills, check out this document! If you want either document on this page, please email me at!!!













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Every child is different so you know better than I what would work to get your child to read more. The more ideas the better and you will find the ones that will help to motivate your child to read more! I've noticed at school, a child seems to prefer quick incentives as they lose their enthusiasm quickly! If you'd like a different reading list, just send me a message. For more ideas on how to get your child to read, click here.  Also, if you'd like the Google Document of the reading challenge list or the fun reading and math skills practice ideas, please either leave me a comment below with your email address or email me at


  1. This is a great idea! Our five year old was an early reader so sometimes, its “too easy” for him to read and he becomes bored. But, he is very rewards motivated so this may be something we try.

    1. Thank you! I’m so happy to hear that you can use the reward system! Please let me know if there are any other topics that you would like me to cover!

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