6 Reasons Why Your Child Won´t Read

By | April 12, 2017

Are you trying to figure out why your child won’t read? There’s nothing more frustrating than when you just want your child to be successful in every way and you know the importance of reading, but your child HATES to read!!  A teacher may have told your child’s reading level is below grade level and that your child has no desire to fix the problem. You may ask your child´s teacher why your child won´t read. There are many reasons why a child avoids reading or is a reluctant reader. They may have a really good idea of why your child won´t read. In my experience, there are at least six reasons why your child won´t read.



Some of the Reasons Your Child Won´t Read

  • Your child may have never mastered the sounds of letters, blends, (phonics and sight words) or the multiple rules of the English language.
  • Your child may be able to read the words but have no idea what they are reading (comprehension). They are not interested in what their reading assignment is and they just need to choose a book or another type of reading material that they want to read.
  • Your child may have attention issues, and can’t sit still long or stay focused long enough to enjoy the book that they’re reading.

  • Your child could use too much of their time on electronics. They’d usually pick electronics over reading a book (I suggest limiting tv/electronics) or using an electronic device to read a book!
  • Your child could have an eye issue and it’s uncomfortable to read for an extended period of time.
  • Your child could have Dyslexia, a language-based learning disability. You should always talk to your child’s teacher with any concerns about your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Ask your child’s teacher if he/she thinks it could be dyslexia and there are many characteristics of dyslexia and tons of websites that can give you the characteristics. One of my favorite websites for learning disabilities is Reading Rockets, this page has information on dyslexia and other learning disabilities.



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If it’s just a case of your child never finding a book that they like, then try my book suggestions. This is my favorite post on books and ideas to get reluctant readers reading. It has book suggestions and lots of fun ideas to motivate your child to read!

You can try a challenge, this challenge came from my post about motivating kids to read!







And it is really important to give your child a choice of what they read. Just as long as it’s appropriate, once they start reading any book, they’ll start reading more quality books. The trick is to get them hooked on reading!

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And screen time needs to be limited – I like the hour a day rule! Unless of course, they’re on it reading!
Check out this post for different devices and tools to use.

There could be one or more reasons why your child won´t read.  Your child’s teacher should be able to give you resources and suggestions to help you figure out how to help your child. In the meantime, explore all available resources and promote reading whenever you can at home. It’s important that your child sees that you enjoy reading and there should be an abundance of reading material all around your home.


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