25 Ideas for Reading Skills Practice at Home!

By | November 27, 2017

Reading Skills Practice at Home!

There are tons of ideas for reading skills practice at home!  I’ve written about a lot of ways to practice reading skills in and out of the home, but this is a list of easy-peasy ideas for just the home! Research has shown that if a child is not at their reading grade level by third grade, they have a very high chance of not finishing school.

To make sure that your child gets at grade-level in their reading or if your child is already at grade-level in their reading skills and you want to maintain their reading level, these suggestions will definitely give a boost to their reading skills/reading level!! These suggestions of ways to practice reading skills at home are quick, easy, and fun!!

To start, this is just a reminder of the areas of reading instruction your child’s teacher follows to ensure your child’s success in reading.

Oral Language – a child’s understanding of the structure of language.
Phonemic Awareness – a child being able to hear the sounds in words.
Letter recognition/Identification – when a child sees a letter, he/she should know to recognize the letter and be able to identify it.
Letter/Sound Correspondence – a child needs to each letter and the sound that goes with that letter.
Sight Words – these are words that each child should practice so that they will know immediately when they see them in their reading assignments.
Vocabulary – a child should know the meaning of words.
Comprehension – a child will also need to put the words and meanings together to read and to be able to understand what he/she is reading.

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Easy Reading Skills Practice

You can help your child be a better reader in small ways. Even if a child isn’t far behind, these little activities will only benefit them! Don’t stress yourself out with them – most of these are quick activities so you can do a few a week or a few a day, whatever you have time for!!

  1. Take a video of your child reading and share it with the family.
  2. Match 2 or 3 of the same letters, words, numbers, in a magazine, with flashcards, etc.
  3. Rhyme items in your kitchen, living room, etc. rug-bug, dug, hug, jug, lug, mug, pug, tug
  4. Create a 2-line rhyme (or more) of your name, love/hate of something, anything!!

5. Book Bag – put items in a paper bag that are connected to the story you read. You could add pictures from magazines, drawn pictures, cut out words, or small objects, etc.
6. Create a reading challenge -here’s an idea for a reading challenge and there are more book suggestions for K-1, 2-3, 4-5
7. Make a word collage on paper with words from cut out magazines, words you wrote, stickers, etc.
8. Have a Scavenger Hunt! Your child has to read the items to find them!
9. Sing words to songs!  Here’s a great website with words to some songs.
10. Make a name acrostic and sound and spell out all of the words that describe your child. You can write it down, create a Google Doc, or another program, this was done in PicMonkey:


post-it notes






More Reading Skills Practice Ideas

11. Write letters, words, numbers with finger paint, shaving cream, silly string, or write on a chalkboard or a small whiteboard!
12. Check out different genres of books and look at Amazon’s books – you can usually read the first page of children’s books online!
13. Have your child help you spell the items you need for your grocery list. Sound out letter sounds to help with the spelling.
14. Make an easy ebook!!
15. Read the directions, get the ingredients, and make slime!

16. Read the directions to a new game and then play it!
17. Read about how to create Origami and create some!
18. Read a few recipes and then make something yummy!
19. Make a dance move for every syllable of a word!
20. Check out your school library or public library online catalog to look at different books your child would like to take out!!
21. Research something that your child is interested in and wants to know more about.
22. Read books and ask a few questions before, during, and after reading!

23. Read a story and write down the beginning, middle and end.
24. Take a picture of objects in the room, print them and have your child say the item, sound it out and spell it.
25. Make a bookmark!

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As you can see, there are tons of ideas for reading skills practice at home!  As you use these ideas, it is my hope that your child does not even realize that you are trying to help with reading skills, but that you are just having quality time together!!For even more ideas to practice reading skills, go to this post on 5 Quick Ideas to Practice Reading Skills! or 10 Quick Reading Skills Practice Ideas! Enjoy and happy reading! As always, let me know if you have any questions or you’d like advice on a reading topic at mrs.dehm@gmail.com.

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