10 Quick Reading Skills Practice Ideas!

10 Quick Ideas for Reading Skills Practice!

These ideas for reading skills practice will help your child from kindergarten through fifth grade. Life is a juggling act.


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There are so many things to do, especially in the summer, and not enough time to do any of them. But in the summer, it is so important to work on summer reading skills practice!


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The term “summer slide” is a real term meaning that over the summer, if not practiced, reading and math scores can slide downward!!!!!!! And after your child has worked so hard for his or her progress, you don’t want that knowledge to decline!

Just spending a little time every day on reading skills practice to make sure your child reads, practices reading and math skills, etc., will help him to have a successful new school year!

1. In the Car




100 Sing-Along Songs for Kids: This CD has songs such as Teensy, Weensy Spider, John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, The More We Get Together, etc.  Sing a new song that they don’t know so they have to read the words as you’re singing!!

2. Anywhere and anytime: Rhyming game – This is a document that has just some of the word families/rhyming words.  You can have a competition with your child on who can rhyme the most words. How many words rhyme with the word “bat”. You can start with each letter of the alphabet that creates a real word – bat, cat, fat, hat, etc.

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3. At the library




Book Worm Journal: Every time you and your child finish a story, fill out a journal entry with the title, author and rating of the book. Then, tear off the perforated corner of each page to see the bookworm “eat” his way through the journal.

-Some other journal prompts could be to have them: persuade you to buy them an ice cream, have them tell you 5 things that you don’t know about them, a dream that they have for the future, what would they buy if they had $500, what they want to be when they grow up, what is their favorite thing to do in the whole world, what is their very favorite food, what is the best present they have ever received, etc. There are tons more ideas on this website.


4. While Walking

Write a 2 line poem

My name is Sue!
My favorite color is blue!

(or keep adding lines if you’d like)

-Write other poetry.


5. In the Tub

Rewrite a story or song!

Ring around the Rosey, Pocket full of posey.
Ashes, Ashes, we all fall down.

New Version:
Pears, kiwi, and blueberries – grapes, kiwi, and strawberries.
Fruits, fruits, we need to eat them up!

-Use letters in the tub and create some of the sight words.
-Read stories in the tub!




6. At a Restaurant

-Read the Menu
-Write down your order.
-Find words that rhyme with the menu items.
-Read a book.
-Write down what nouns (people, places, things) you see in the restaurant.


7. At Home




Mother Goose rhymes are a vital part of childhood. And this collection of essential rhymes have been reproduced exactly as they have been repeated from generation to generation. This website has some great activities and crafts connected to Mother Goose!
-Create other endings to the Mother Goose Rhymes.
-Leave words on sticky notes or index cards and have your child locate and say 5 of the words or extra points for finding more!
-An easy activity to do every day is to have your child read (I suggest 20-30 minutes depending on their age) and then write about an important event in the story, a connection that they had with the story, or just summarize what they read.

8. In the car, at home,  at a restaurant




Work on a workbook to keep up your reading, math, vocabulary, grammar and writing skills!


9. Another “at home” idea




Read about some neat activities and complete your favorites! Whether your kid is 3, 5 or 12 years old, there are hundreds of fun, educational and engaging things to do in this book!
-Have your child write lists of other activities they’d like to do!

10.  At the beach




-Write words in the sand that start with different letters of the alphabet.
-Make letters and words using shells or rocks.
-Read a book.




Summer Reading Skills Practice is so important for a child to continue at or above their reading level. The term “summer slide” is a real term meaning that over the summer, if not practiced, reading and math scores can slide right downhill!!!!!!!

A few minutes here and there during the summer will help your child keep up with their reading skills!

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As always, if you have any questions about books, or reading in general, (or if you’d like to me create another list of ten more ideas for summer reading skills practice) please leave a comment or email me at mrs.dehm@gmail.com.  I’d love to hear from you!

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